4 Tips Determining the Fireplace Design Suits Your Style and Lifestyle

Fireplace design is sometimes difficult to determine. They have been available in mass-produced products so most people also tend to choose what they get in store. But it is not the only one choice we have. This little one brings a great impact to the entire home design. Modern people have been developed the basic function of fireplace, which is not only for its warmth but also for the cozy and picturesque qualities.

Although the old and non-functioned Fireplace design still work as a focal point to add visual interest in a room. The old days might require installing a fireplace in the bedroom to get its warmth, but modern home prefer installing it in the living space as a centerpiece. To help you choosing the right Fireplace design that suits your taste and lifestyle, read the following tips by the interior designers and architects:

1. The Architectural Style

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This one should lead the style of your fireplace. For example, if your home design is keeping a traditional style, a fireplace should mimic the same element to that period. On the other hand, if contemporary is your style, choose a fireplace that is typically minimal in style.

2. The Scale Of The Room

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Ask yourself, who will use the room (with fireplace), how the fireplace will operate, what about the safety and convenience? Each person has different need, so the fireplace should follow. For example, a Fireplace design for primary home and holiday house must be different. The one for primary house will be better to install a gas fireplace, while the holiday house is suitable for wood-burning fireplace. This is about how urban people need a quick and easy heating solution in their home. And they won’t have time and willingness to collect and chop wood for their fireplace.

3. The Placement

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Look around and see the surrounding windows, doors, furniture, and maybe a television. There are different point of view towards this issue. Some people love to make their fireplace blends to the surrounding, while some don’t. A fireplace can really enhance the architecture of a home that is why some people may need to conceal the modern item (such as television) and make a fireplace a statement. For more, the placement should never skip the principle of the use.

4. Wood Storage

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If you plan to have wood-burn fireplace, you have to determine where to store the woods and their positioning on the shelves. And you need to check to the local council whether any restrictions of this action.



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