5 Creative Garden Edging Ideas to Make Your Garden More Appealing

A garden with no edging is like a little unfinished. Add one or some creative garden edging ideas full of annual flowers make it more polished and appealing. You may not think this is another investment for big returns. This time, we point out some creative garden edging ideas that work with style of your home. Each material used in the following idea complements the look of your home design.

Doing this project needs at least a half day or more. So, though they seem easy to install, you should spare some times. Furthermore, before going farther, gather your gardening tools first so the gardening project will be easier to do. Some tools you need, such as an edging shovel, heavy-duty gardening gloves, rake, a garden spade, and a kneeler pad.

And here we go:

1. Woven Willow

Source: decorathing.com

This one usually is an English-style garden. Some people also call it “wattle”. We find it easy to install as it is provided with little spikes pushing into the ground. If you do well-installation, you will get it beautiful; and vice-versa. The cons people do not love are this one is easily damaged and pricey for large areas.

2. Metal

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You will find many of them are no-dig, so you only need to hammer them into the ground. For finishing touch, you can both paint or let let them unfinished. Each has different aesthetic vibe. People love this one for its super easy to install. On the contrary, it feels hard on your hands. That is why you need to wear heavy gloves.

3. Paver Stone

Source: www.pinterest.ru

This is one of heavy to handle and time consuming creative garden edging ideas to install. You need to plan the installation a full day or more. But you will never regret the attractiveness it brings into your garden.

4. Plastic

Source: march.flutternyc.com

Though this material is no glamorous type at all, but its easy to install makes it popular. Installing this one makes you digging a trench to sink the edge. Besides its easy to install thing, you get it affordable and long lasting.

5. Rocks

Source: Pinterest.com

This one is the naturally natural material available in an array of colors, sizes and shapes. Those variations allow creeping flowers to show the beauty at its finest. Do this project by lining the edges of each bed. To get most visual impact, you should choose rocks in the size of a soft ball or larger.



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