5 How to Implement Rustic Chic as Accent Walls in Your Home

Having an accent by using a rustic chic is simply beautiful. A rustic chic differs to rustic design. In this style, we still find the mix elements between rustic and modern, such as distressed wood and simple furniture. In this article, we will give you description about the rustic chic as the accent wall. This is a clear answer to those who keep asking how to combine two different elements of rustic and modern. Take a look at the following tips.

1. Reclaimed Barn Wood

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In the bedroom, use distressed boards on the wall to start this start easily. This element gives you a look of a barn or a quaint cabin. The meaning of accent wall is you just put one side to be applied this style. You only give a touch to give a spark of rustic element without being too dominant and overbearing.

2. Wall Divider

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Use a white and geometric ceiling with the white walls as a divider. Furthermore, to add a touch of rustic chic, add some other rustic elements, such as flooring, old furniture, or old-fashioned wood burner. You can see the well-balanced space in this arrangement.

3. Small Accent Wall

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Even a small space can be boosted a rustic feel, which is by hanging a rustic photo frame and rustic hanging bulb lights. The rustic chic lights visually help your room describing the mix design around. These rustic elements contrast to the dark and light color schemes of modern style.

4. Reclaimed Wood Pallet

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Put this element onto the wall itself. The large size brings a defactor accent wall. This accent wall will blend together beautifully with the light walls. In this arrangement, you will see how modern side can be mixed perfectly with rustic textured floor and ceilings.

5. Dining Room Accent Wall

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In this place, you build some contrast and visual interest to pamper your family and guests. The rustic chic is got by a dining table. While the modern twist can be seen on a large abstract art with clear chairs and stark table. A modern vase on the rustic dining table is a strong balance between these two styles.

After reading all those examples, where do you plan to apply this rustic chic? Basically, it can be put anywhere, even in a bathroom. Just follow the rule and get the personal taste to complement each other; so you won’t get lost. As the arrangement is simply elegant, yet you should bring this vibe anywhere.



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