5 Tips to Bring Some Elements to Get A Cohesive Teen Girl Room Décor

Teen girl is full of energy and imagination. They need a medium to show their self-expression in a positive way, such as by teen girl room decor. As a parent, you may need to guide them to the right path at their teen’s life. By creating the right teen girl room decor, you can accurately display their hobbies and quality.

1. Bold Walls

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Teenage life is always about bold and vibrant colors. And they represent high energy perfectly. For the wall, paint them in a shocking hue. Besides having the shocking colored walls, you can add some personal touch, such as add the mural, etc. For example, if your girl loves music so much, you can add the mural of guitar, piano or music notes. Discuss the detail with your little one.

2. Texture

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It aims to break up the vibrant colors. It can be rug, pillow, curtain, etc. The most perfectly fit texture for teen girl room decor is fuzzy throws, thick curtains, sequin pillows, etc. Add a curtain between the bed and study area. This divider will help your girl focusing on certain activity. As we all know that bedroom should be calming to make you relax and have a rest; meanwhile the study area needs you to stay awake and full of energy. Separate each other by hanging a curtain.

3. Themes

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Theme should be decided and ask your young girl to take a role. Though some people may think that theme is no longer for teen girl room decor, we still need this to give us guideline of what the decor would look like. By arranging a theme, means you narrowing the options. So everything (including palette and pattern) will work together and create such a cohesive look.

4. Statement Piece

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Make a statement is what teens love the most. So, you should put one as the focal point on the room. The choice vary, starting from a wall hanging, furniture, enlarged photo, or even an entire wall. Just make sure that this thing is the first thing people will see after entering the bedroom. For example, a single large furniture with an unexpected color will draw more attention.

5. Study Space

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This one is the most important space after the bed. Besides having a rest, teens should get their works done in peace. Try creating both functional and encourage good study space. The first thing to consider is a clean and ready to use writing surface.



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