5 Tips to Picture Out the Fireplace Design Ideas for Function and Great Aesthetic

Before starting to build a fireplace, you need to stretch your imagination. Create an image on your mind how you will make use of it. And visualize that image. By then, you will get the image of fireplace design ideas. Every person has different image of a fireplace, whether to create a primary heat source or decorative purpose. You may not think before that a fireplace in a home can be a spot to retreat and as a great focal point. The materials influence the look you will get, like brick, stone, and metal. Each of them has different character to be absorbed into your room’s characteristic.

Here are those simple fireplace design ideas to give you functional and great aesthetic:

1. The Best Location

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While thinking of the function, you need to imagine the exact spot for it. Then your desired location also will help you determining the next thing: the fuel type. If you think of a wood-burning fireplace, then you must go for an external wall and you must ask contractors to construct a chimney. Besides, you also should consider the other heating sources in your home. If you have central heating system, you have to look for the locations of vents and place the fireplace accordingly. On the other hand, if you don’t have it, place a fireplace in the center, which is between your dining room and living room.

2. Space Planning


The scale or size of the fireplace should be opted according to the size of your overall interior decor.

3. Variety

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In this modern world, fireplace design ideas are not only about those with a chimney. You can get a compact one and subject it as a furniture. So, the type of fireplace should not be an issue. All you need is just determining the one that works best for your home.

4. The Style

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As this one also becomes one of your home decor, so you need to suit the style of your room. Do not worry in this step since you have chance to custom your fireplace style and decor.

5. The Budget

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This should be the first move before purchasing or renovating any. At the start, you should not just plan a budget but also finalizing the budget.

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This arrangement will save more money from a lots of hidden costs. Basically, there are two costs: (1) the cost of actual appliance, and (2) the cost of installation.



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