6 Popular Tips for Hanging Wall Décor at Home 2020

An artwork is a personal thing. The way and the item you hang on the wall build a remarkable touch on your home. But sometimes, determining the first step to take for hanging wall decor is not that easy. A blank wall can be intimating sometimes, and don’t know how to build something prettier on there. Here, we are giving some hanging wall decor ideas to start.

Keep the ball rolling and see what you will do next:

1. A Series

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Hanging one big wall decor may be much easier. But not all wall suits for that arrangement, nor does everybody love a big art. Instead, try arranging a series of several small paintings or photos having a common theme. Those series should be in certain theme, such as flowers, buildings, bugs, or your family pictures. This idea is kind of easy DIY project that you can do on your spare time. Just choose the similar themed arts, matching frames, coordinate the arrangement and hang them neatly.

2. A Collage

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If you need a little challenge and more complicated look, try this idea. You can start purchasing some frames in any style, shape and size. This arrangement can contain of family photos. Before hanging them on the wall, you better get the layout on the floor.

3. Frame It

Source: how-do-it.info

Hanging wall decor is not only for only arts. Since some other things are great either, such as old book covers, handkerchiefs, couture shopping bags, pressed leaves and flowers, etc. Almost anything can be put in the frame and hung. If you have more time and willing to do a DIY project, create ones with exotic items, like costume jewelry, teacups, seashells, and others.

4. 3D Wall Art

Source: ideas.hasinfo.net

The art won’t be always flat. This year, tactile, sculpture-like wall hanging is gaining its popularity. The variety of materials are giving you wide choices ahead. You can go for carved wood panels, wire sculpture, modern metal, and so on.

5. A Splash Of Color

Source: blog.potterybarn.com

If you happen having your wall white, warm the vibe using a splash of color. Hang a very large painting or format print above your sofa. This thing will be a statement on your space.

6. Decorative Mirror

Source: simpleglee.com

This one does not only work best for a small space to look wider, but any space will work with mirrors. Hang a decorative mirror to get both function and style at home. If you plan to create the appearance of an added room, choose a really large floor mirror.



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