6 Tips to Set Up Your Shower Tile Ideas and Budget

Deciding which one of various shower tile ideas is not easy. There are wider aspects to consider other than the style and color. This time, we will give you some tips to choose the right shower tile without sacrificing other elements, such as budget, etc.

1. Calculate Your Budget

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We put this one on the first on the list due its urgency. If you cannot opt a budget yet, at least you decide a range. This will help you dealing with your fantasies to further steps. If you are not careful enough, you will end up having your bathroom tile finished but there are debts to pay. Once you set a parameter for the project, you will find if there is a flashing red warning light in your head. Do not ignore it. Measure your bathroom, decide how much you can find and find out total square footage you need to cover with tiles.

2. Set How Much Tile You Need

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Measure how much the floor and wall surface to be covered with tiles. In ascending order, start with the floor, the shower and followed by the tub walls.

3. Choose The Material Of Shower Tile Ideas You Want

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Not everyone loves certain material. Everything has pros and cons, including the tile materials. Remember you are allowed to use more than one style. The popular materials that you may consider are: (1) Ceramic. The least expensive but look fantastic; (2) Glass. This one is commonly used for accent tiles; (3) Porcelain. It is most durable material and has dense composition; (4) Natural stone. They are high-maintenance but beautiful; (5) Quartz countertop material. It is moisture-resistant and easy to clean and install.

4. An Accent Tile

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If you have fortune enough to add a personal touch inside your bathroom, add the accent tile. This one can be expensive so you don’t have to cover the entire bathroom floors with it. If you have to deal with limited budget, replace the expensive material with a stripe of glass tile.

5. Play With A Color Scheme

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Besides budget, choosing the color is more paralyzing step dealing with tiles. First of all, start choosing an accent tile you love. This accent tile will develop the color design for others. The accent tile should be the star of your bathroom.

6. Select The Tiles For Bathroom Floor

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For your main floor, you better choose a larger tile so you will be easy to maintain them.



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