3 Avoid Mistakes While Choosing Backyard Lights and Tips by a Pro

While the scent of summer blows your mind, you may start grabbing all those backyard lights. But worst thing happens, they may not look right, the sizes are wrong and you cannot even hang them all. Avoid these stressing moments by rolling down to this article.

Before doing any outdoor installation, make sure you avoid:

  • The wrong bulb technology (understand your home wattage).
  • The light stringer does not fit your bulb or space.
  • The light color seems nothing like you wished.

Here we go. Follow the following instructions to keep you on the right track:

1. Choose The Right Backyard Lights Bulb Technology

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You can easily find the outdoor light bulbs in various colors and styles. In here, you must see the difference between them. In this article, we will focus on LED and Incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs are perfect for you who concern of the wattage. By having these LED bulbs, you can easily connect multiple strands without worrying of the wattage, and they are extremely durable and long lasting. On the contrary, Incandescent bulbs are such traditional bulbs we used to know since we were younger. This light bulb emits a soft and tranquil glow. For outdoor space, choose larger bulb spacing or shower lengths of light. Professional Tips: Do not use LED and incandescent bulbs in the same area.

2. Understand The Right Size

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You may purchase light strings and bulbs separately and end up having them does not fit into the socket on the stringer. Thus, understand each size of backyard lights: (1) E26 base is the standard for household size. Some may call it as Medium. The bases and sockets are 26 mm wide; (2) E17 base is similar to a C9, and often called as Intermediate. The bases and sockets are 17 mm wide; (3) E17 bases and similar to C7, and often called as a Candelabra. The bases and sockets are 17 mm wide.

3. Play With Color

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The backyard lights are available in three distinct finishes, they are satin, transparent and frosted/ opaque. Each finish provides different feeling and atmosphere around. So, before purchasing any, you should observe what vibe you need to get. To help you dealing with this issue, check the following tips:

Satin finish. If you like an elegant vibe, try this one. You also can paint the bulbs to whatever colors you wish.

Frosted/ opaque finish. This one provides a clean and fresh vibe, so the surrounding looks in a soft and diffused glow.

Transparent finish. This one is a party light as it can easily add depth to the surrounding.



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