5 Clever Towel Storage Hacks to Make Your Bathroom Elegant and Expensive

Towels are one of the most essentials for the bathroom. People need them to dry their body and hair after doing a shower. But sometimes choosing towel storage needs extra carefulness. The right and suitable Towel storage for your bathroom should keep them well-organized and handy. If budget is a concern, you can get any other items that are not designed for bathroom. Try the following bathroom hacks as a replacement of a linen closet in a bathroom:

1. Baskets

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This one is always a winner in any competition towards a storage hack. Baskets come in various sizes and designs that can fit almost anywhere. If you have round wicker baskets, roll the towels and place them in there. Or if you have square baskets, fold your towels neatly and stow them in there. Put the baskets under or by the tub and they will look gorgeous as a functional accessories. Another case, if you are short on floor space, try hanging your baskets vertically above sink or toilet.

2. Vertical Shelves

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Small bathroom also deserves the proper storage system either. A wall spine bookshelf can be a choice to the folded and rolled towels. This bathroom hack provides such an elegant touch to your bathroom.

3. Wine Racks

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This is another practical and beautiful storage solution. For a small bathroom, you can choose a standing rack with a low profile and roll your towels in every curved space (just like a bottle that used to be in there). Or, you are also able to choose a hanging wine rack to be hung on the back of your bathroom door. This arrangement leaves an artful vibe into your bathroom.

4. Repurposed Cabinets

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Have you had an old ladder at home? Repurpose your old thing to give a stunning touch in your bathroom. Put some folded towels on each step ladder. Or simply hang your towels over the rungs of your old ladder that is leaning against the wall. You will find them gorgeous without cluttering the floor space.

5. Multipurpose Cabinets

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When the space and budget is a concern, thinking outside the box is the only way out. Find if you have a small cabinet or credenza designed for a bedroom or a kitchen. Why don’t you put them on your bathroom than having them useless? Remember that a furniture does not only belong to certain room. Look for multipurpose cabinets to make them fit anywhere.



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