5 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations on Trend 2020 to Spread Positivity and Happiness

The year of 2020 is a rather different year where the pandemic is spreading all over the world and it affects to people’s world, including any celebration. The month is getting closer to December while the Christmas is waiting. But will you spend your holiday season at home without any celebration at all?

To keep the Christmas sparkle during this unwell situation, try the following DIY outdoor Christmas decorations so everybody get the best reminder that the good news and hope is always in our hearts:

1. A Garland Banner

Source: lovahomy.com

Create a whimsical and classy garland banner with red-painted letters. People needs some cheerful things to look at, so please add some cheerful color scheme before hanging those banners on your front yard. Cheer everybody passing your house and give them hope.

2. Glitter Tree Set

Source: sonaeuk.com

This may be not for outdoor use but it deserves to be created. Choose how many trees to want to add, but our recommendation would be three. Construct these beautiful glitter tree set using sturdy wire, silver glitter accents for the topper and energy-efficient LED lights. Choose three different sized trees and start decorating them. Each size of the tree has different type of light fixture; the large one should be with 35 LED lights, medium one with 20 LED lights and small one with 10 LED lights.

3. Modern Farmhouse Preserved Wreath

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This wreath offers a perfect base for other ornaments, ribbons and lights. Start the DIY outdoor Christmas decorations by getting the real boxwood leaves. The size is chosen according to your own preference and the size of your front yard so they will look balanced to the surrounding. Add an outdoor sitting next to your brick wall to feel like spending a Christmas holiday in a joyful countryside.

4. Pine Garland

Source: Pinterest.com

We cannot avoid garland (in any style) for holiday, especially Christmas. This idea gives you a pine garland with 100 clear lights around. The lights give your classic garland an upgrade in a positive way. The ideal size is 108 inches long. For longer time usage, use faux pine instead of the real ones. The reason choosing this idea is an accident happens, such as one bulb breaks, the rest of the strand will stay beautifully lit.

5. Light Holders

Source: sonaeuk.com

Another festive centerpiece you should never ignore is the light holder, such as the candlesticks. Give your outdoor a fantastic look by installing LED tea lights on the tea light holders. It will be safer for children and your property.



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