5 How to Decorate Shabby Chic Bedrooms with Modern Touch

Shabby chic decor is a beautiful combination of vintage charm, cottage style, repurposed furniture, and other casual yet feminine style. Most of us may see the characteristic of it is overabundance of ruffles. This style was first popular in 1990s, not it seems getting the popularity coming back. Shabby chic bedrooms can get the same basic: the casual, comfortable and welcoming vibe.

1. Simple Style

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If we recall so many ruffles and clutters of the previous shabby chic styles, this year you will get it less cluttered. The new shabby chic let the open wall rule the entire space to create a charming and more restful bedroom. Forget about all the ruffles and beads.

2. Repurpose Furniture

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This one is another thing never changes since 1990s. Repurposing item and furniture is a key. This idea gives you how to decorate your space without breaking your budget on the process. A shabby chic style should embrace individuality and forget about mass-produced furniture or other items. Be creative and get the furniture you own by yourself, such as use old shutters as a headboard, a big bass drum set as a bedside table, an antique chair as a bedside lamp, a decorative iron gate as a bed footboard, etc. Repurpose anything with a purpose.

3. Updated Color Palette

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We will find lots of white in this style. But this year, we likely use darker-hued accents, such as the deep blue. This accent works perfectly with white or other soft-feeling colors.

4. Minimalism

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Can you ever imagine a shabby chic in minimalism? Both are quite opposite. Shabby chic bedrooms in modern era is no longer about lots of textures. But if you cannot leave those traditional shabby chic styles, you can blend those two styles, such as by bringing together the mostly-white palette with pink accent, a rustic trunk, soft texture and a repurposed bedside table. This combination is about creating a clean, open and serene vibe toward your bedroom.

5. No More Ultra-feminine

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In the past, Shabby chic bedrooms are about feminine to the maximum with the explosion of beads, pink, ruffles and flowers. Most modern people do not stand for these. And if you share bedroom with spouse, it is never agreeable for him to sleep under such circumstances. Men cannot tolerate those ultra-feminine vibe. That is the reason why the shabby chic style is changing. The key of today’s shabby chic style is to make it more versatile and appealing. If you want to keep floral prints, it is okay but in agreeable amount.



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