6 Kids-Friendly Pumpkin Decorations for Fall Project 2020

Pumpkin decorations for kids should not include any carving activity and tool. The kid-friendly Pumpkin decorations just to make sure all kids are having fun and doing activities they love safely. To welcome Fall, we can gather with all family members and do this project together.

1. No-carve Spider Web Pumpkin

Source: magment.com

Your kids may love seeing the spooky spider web pumpkins in Halloween. Don’t you know that you can create the one without any carving? In this project, you need to spray paint the pumpkin black. To create the spider web, use tape. So easy and every kid is safe to do this idea.

2. Mix and Match Pumpkin Faces

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If you have toddlers at home, do some craft using some pumpkins? Go get some craft foam and cut them off in the face shapes, add some googly eyes and stick them on the pumpkins. You and your young children can create some emoticons, like scary, silly, sad or happy face. The colorful craft foam will literally boost the excitement around.

3. Emoji Pumpkins

Source: projectkid.com

While kids commonly love emoji, ask them to create some emoji pumpkins. Though the process is super simple but the finished product will never be disappointing. In this project, you need some colorful crafts foam, draw some parts of the emoji (like love eyes, glasses, tongue, smile, moustache, etc.), and cut them off. The final touch is by gluing those colorful crafts foam to the pumpkin. This idea is kind of instagramable that every teenager loves to take selfie with.

4. Ice Cream Cone Pumpkins

Source: benjo.parkersydnorhistoric.org

Grab some mini pumpkins to create ice cream cone pumpkins. We may not put these kind of Pumpkin decorations at Halloween party but sure your kids will love the look and the easy process. The flavors of pumpkins ice cream is on your preference. You can spray paint the entire pumpkin in white, chocolate, pink, red, etc. Add some details that do as toppers.

5. Faux Stitched Halloween Pumpkins

Source: Pinterest.com

In this idea, you should download the free template to let your kids work on some creative characters. A series of Halloween patterns can be got by drawing x’s for a crafty effect of cross stitch.

6. Decoupage Leaves Pumpkins

Source: southernliving.com

Pumpkin decorations that you can do in the shortest way is to welcome Fall. This idea is definitely perfect for Fall project. Just collect some fall leaves and decoupage them onto the pumpkins. Get creative by using different color and shape of pumpkins and leaves.



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