6 Most Popular DIY Mason Jar Lighting Ideas on 2020

It is agreeable that Mason Jar is one of the most versatile household items get invented ever. There are various innovative ways to create using this item, like Mason Jar lighting. You can find countless DIY potentials, for both decorative and functional purposes. Mason Jar has unique shape and structure that make them great for any DIY project. Are you having plenty of Mason Jars and intent to do some DIY projects using them? Try the following ideas:

1. Painted Leaf Candle Holder

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You can easily paint on them and create a candle holder. Paint some favorite colors, such as red, pink, yellow, etc. These colors will emit a soft glow. To add more unique look, leave the paint off in the center, such as a leaf in the center. To do this project, you just need to glue a leaf on one side and start painting. After the painting is done, pull out the leaf and voila! Yours is ready to lit!

2. String Lights Table Jar Lamp

Source: decoratorist.com

This project needs twine or wire along with string lights. The outcome would be a warm woodland feeling, and you can put them onto your table. You can find the mix of brown and yellow hues are adorable to see.

3. Rock Bottom Side Wall Lamp

Source: joyfullygrowingblog.com

Another Mason Jar lighting idea that can bring so much warm vibe around. Mason Jar lighting is not only about desk lamps, now try use them as the sidewall lamps. Fill each Mason Jar with rocks halfway and put a small candle in the center of the rocks. Hang them on the elegant holders so you can easily remove or light them up.

4. Industrial Themed Overhead Lamp

Source: Pinterest.com

If you love industrial style, this one is a must try idea. Put three Mason Jars to cover three bulbs. You can put them above the dressers and as bathroom lighting.

5. Rustic Wood Panel Hanging Lamp

Source: decoratorist.com

Another project with small rocks. This time, you use a wooden panel as the hanger. Fill the Mason Jar with small rocks and a colored candle on the center. Place the jar against a panel and you will see it as a center of attention.

6. Outdoor Tree Hanging Lamp

Source: Pinterest.com

Create a wonderful vibe in your backyard using this simple tree hanging lamp. You don’t need much customization as their shapes are beautiful enough. Otherwise, you can create a small amount of customization to the lamp. After everything is all set, hang them from the branches of your trees.



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