6 Reclaimed Wood Projects You Can Make for Free and Easy

Reclaimed wood projects are saving both your environment and wallet. This may need extra elbow grease but the result is worth every sweat. Before going too far, you have to make sure that you get the materials, which the woods to repurpose. Go to your local hardware store or lumber yard and look for scraps. They are available in a low price. Otherwise, the materials you have at home from previous projects are also worth to collect, such as the old fence posts, scraps, and others. Besides, head the local buy/sell/trade website and ask whether they have any used pallets for cheap or even for free.

Let’s check out these ideas:

1. Reclaimed Wood Mirror

Source: Pinterest.com

This is a double duty piece, which is as functional and aesthetic. For the first kick off, this one should be considered, especially when you have a small amount of reclaimed wood. This project teaches you how to create a cheap mirror like a million bucks.

2. Multi-purpose Caddy

Source: Pinterest.com

This piece will get you addicted. Once you are succeeded creating one, sure you will be curious to create more and more to satisfy multiple purpose around your house or for gifts. This distressed wooden look provides a timeless rustic farmhouse style.

3. Wooden Bookshelf

Source: Pinterest.com

The name does not limit the function. You can put various things on there, such as travel souvenirs, pantry essentials, photo frame, etc. Do not limit your bookshelves to store only books. Any part of your home can be put this piece of furniture so it is better doing Reclaimed wood projects than purchasing one. Go grab some reclaimed wood and power tools. You can find the size and style of bookshelves online and find which one will fit your needs and skill.

4. Window Boxes

Source: etsy.com

You can easily get a free printable of this project. The aim of window box is to cover up the top of your window blinds. Besides, they add a pop of style that sparks your own personality and taste.

5. Reclaimed Wood Bed Headboard

Source: thatspurty.blogspot.com

Check on some hardware stores and you will find this furniture is quite expensive. Its ability to pull a bedroom together attracts people’s attention to have it in their bedroom. So, why don’t you start doing this project? As there are various super simple ideas to build a headboard using used woods.

6. Wood Wall Art

Source: foothillfolk.com

Exposed brick is not adored by everyone. If you dream of having one but does not have any courage to build the entire wall with it, try this idea. Create a faux-brick wall art to hang anywhere in your home.



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