7 Easy to Install DIY Fencing with Unique Materials You Must Know

A fence is a way to protect your property and garden as well as create a little personality into it. DIY fencing may be a choice for some people as they have lots of budget to save. This time, we will give you some DIY fencing idea that are easy to install, inexpensive and provide a multitude of coverage. You can build one in your urban area to complement your vegetable garden or flower bed. The following ideas will incorporate some eye-catching and unique materials, such as lattice, bamboo, etc.

In the following ideas, you can find a type of every kind of architecture fit to small backyards:

1. Modern Black Fence

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If you like a touch of modern, this color should be your first attempt. You can build black fence with a layer of chicken wire to protect your garden and pet (if you have any).

2. Rolled Bamboo Fencing

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This natural material gives you sort of unique look to your property. Whatever your main purpose is, whether for protection or privacy, using bamboo for a fence is beautiful. Once having an issue with the curious neighbor, this one should be your first thing to choose without leaving the beauty behind.

3. Double Duty Fence

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This idea gives you why don’t you get a double duty fencing, which is for protection and a privacy screen? To soften the look of your fence, hang some greenery or vertical garden, such as some container plants.

4. Classic White Archway

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Mix the perennials and vibrant annuals to your classic white archway. Classic fence does not need to be pure classic. You have to look for something to soften the look or anything to make it better in modern perception. No matter where you are living but guiding your guests in the best view is always a pleasure.

5. Overgrown Fencing

Source: hammersandhighheels.blogspot.com

Having a farmhouse cannot be separated by natural fencing, such as overgrown fencing. Do your DIY fencing by surrounding your wooden fence with wispy grasses and towering greens. The look is like a backyard paradise that beautifully frames the facade of your house.

6. Zig-zag Fence

Source: inboundmarketingsummit.com

You don’t have to stick to the straight and narrow fence. Explore some more designs, like a zig-zag pattern and complete the look by adding some bright plants.

7. White Lattice Fence

Source: theuniquenest.co

Another farmhouse style fencing. Build the feeling of invitation along with anticipation by adding the hornbeam hedges. This arrangement provides such a warming vibe around your farmhouse style home.



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