8 Ultimate Guides to Mix and Match Rustic Industrial Décor Elements

Rustic industrial decor is not only about 100% pure rustic. You are possibly to make a little mix and match with a fresh modern touch. The following guides of arranging the fresh Rustic industrial decor are made for you. If you have had the industrial dining room of your dream, it means you are very lucky and all you need to do is just complete the look.

1. Simple Contemporary Chairs

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You can keep the interior looking rustic while leaving some furniture in modern vibe, such as simple contemporary chairs and table. Then, complete the look by adding some smart accessories in rustic style, such as a repurposed propeller, a rustic dome pendant, a metal wall art, etc. The aim of this idea is to bring a small touch of modern piece in a rustic environment. So you won’t get too bored looking around.

2. Simple Surface

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Keep most surface simple so the natural wood accents stand out.

3. The Exposed Brick

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Rustic style feels so incomplete without this kind of exposed brick. Preserve your comfort by adding metal dining armchairs in the dining space with modern table. Both just completes each other in natural way and so adaptive to each other’s theme. Besides, add contrast to the surrounding by adding one bright color, such as stylish green shelving. Last but not least, the repurposed barn lighting should never be skipped. It always completes the entire look of your Rustic industrial decor.

4. Wood And Concrete Pendant Lights

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Concerning the decoration, lighting fixtures always take an important role. For they can be a stand out focal point or a bridge to each furniture and item in there.

5. Mix The Industrial Decor and Distressed Rustic Elements

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Most people find this mixing trick is really helpful to create a rugged farmhouse vibe. Go get this fabulous combination by getting the vintage wood furniture and steel chairs.

6. Leather Materials

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Never gets wrong by choosing this one in industrial interiors. You can start with leather upholstered chairs to create a beautiful contrast to the slate-colored concrete or exposed brick.

7. Glass Jar Pendants

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Give a strong industrial vibe using this kind of lighting fixture. They are visually inviting and relatively inexpensive.

8. Glass and Concrete

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We all agree that these are two different elements that completes each other. Once you get them united or paired, you will get luxurious atmosphere. To add a little contrast, place the blue dining chairs and see what happens.



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