11 Basic Instructions to Build a Comfortable and Strong DIY Patio Bench

DIY patio bench surely provide extra comfort, both for feeling and budgeting. By doing a DIY project, you can get a furniture you need with minimize cost, though you give kind of extra effort. If this is your first DIY patio bench project, you need to understand that doing a DIY project must keep extra pieces of wood around. This anticipates in case there are mistakes while working on this project. For example, if you do a mistake on the original planks, make sure you have the substitution within reach so your project won’t get any delay.

A patio bench provides a most comfortable outdoor furniture to spend your leisure time. This is the main reason why lots of people building a patio bench. Many people has a dream having one in their backyard or the porch. The materials can be wood, concrete and metal.

The materials required and the size:

  • Wooden planks:
  • 2 planks of 565 mm length.
  • 4 planks of 366 mm length.
  • 2 planks of 485 mm length.
  • 1 plank of 960 mm length.
  • 7 plank of 1400 mm length.
  • 2 plank of 760 mm length.
  • Bolts: 10, 12 mm.
  • Drill.
  • Clamps.
  • Nails: 90 mm (galvanized and flathead).

And here are the instructions to follow:

1. Cut all the planks according to your preferable size.

Source: justlaine.com

2. All of the planks will be cut in a 10 degree angle.

Source: luxurybusla.com

3. Lay the two legs of the planks (A) on the ground and follow this up by the leg brace (B).

Source: Pinterest.com

4. Place the seat support (D) on top of the two legs, and then followed by placing the back support (E) on the top of the frame.

Source: home-img.com

5. Once the planks have been placed in their right position (according to the picture/ DIY plan), hold them together using the clamps and drill. Continue by bolt all the adjoining pieces.

Source: ana-white.com

6. Use four 12 mm bolts to bolt the pieces at a distance of 110 mm long. Furthermore, use one 12 mm bolt at a distance of 150 mm long. By doing this step, you finish the first frame.

Source: Instagram.com

7. Work on the second frame by mirroring the first frame.

Source: santabarbaradesignhouseandgardens.com

8. While both frames are complete, stand them upright and nail the spreader (C) in place.

Source: thechroniclesofhome.com

9. Nail the first seat slat (F) into place. This should be in line with the front edge of the legs (A), and extend the length from the sides of the leg (A) by 150 mm.

Source: hgtv.com

10. Continue nailing all of the rest slats to the seat frame. Maintain a 10 mm gap between each slat while spreading them.

Source: inboundmarketingsummit.com

11. Always check whether the slats and the seat frames are parallel and square.

Source: byteoffashion.com

By following above instructions, you will build a comfortable and strong park bench you have imagined with less money.



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