4 Kitchen Counter Organization Tips to Make Your Counter Clear and Tidy

Kitchen counter organization is not about daily organization tips, it is more permanent organization system that will save your time every day you work on them. Kitchen counters can be small and spacious. If you are having a small one, you will spend a little time organizing them; on the other hand, if yours is spacious, you may feel that everything acts like magnet for all the clutter in the kitchen counter and surrounding. This thing gives you a real headache to handle for sure.

To keep your kitchen counter well-organized, there are some things you need to do:

1. Keep Counters Clear

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If you are having a tiny counter, make sure everything is clear on the counter. Starting from the paper towel. You can keep the paper towel on top of the frisge or cabinets, or even hang them on the wall. Look around and you will see the sink related items (such as sponges and detergent). Store these items in the water pitcher with magnetic backs and stick them to a fridge door. This hack will free up your counter space.

2. Keep A Junk Bowl

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Place a small or medium-sized bin or bowl in the corner of your kitchen counter so you can hold things inside. You can sort this collection every week to see whether you have something to throw away. And if you find there are more item to store, add other new bowls.

3. Embrace Jars

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In this case, Mason Jars. We all know this kind of jar has been loved by almost everyone. And they are very useful in the kitchen and other part of your homes. Use jars to store sugar, dry pasta, candy and anything in the appealing glass containers. Before using any of these jars, make sure that they seal tightly, especially if you are keeping food in there. On the other hand, if you store twist ties or rubber bands, the lids are not necessary. After getting all things stored, you can start organizing them by size and place them against the wall so you get more space at the front of your kitchen counter.

4. Vertical Storage

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Use vases or jars to store large and irregularly-shaped cooking utensils, such as strainers and spatulas. You will have them visible and easy to reach while needed. The purpose of having this vertical storage is to eliminate the need for drawer dividers. So you get a simple way to reach the needed forks and knives on the table for such casual meals.



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