6 Beautiful Mantel Fireplace Decorations for Wedding Reception

For any occasion or celebration, a fireplace gives charm and character to the space. For example, fireplace decorations for a wedding celebration can be started from the fireplace mantel. There are lots of options, starting from rows of candles, greenery garlands, framed pictures, fringe hoops, and so on. Some of us may find it difficult to start, especially for a moment to remember: a wedding celebration.

So, here we are giving you some ideas of mantel fireplace decorations:

1. Initial Sign

Source: hipwallpaper.com

Use the letters from both of you and your spouse first names. Add some candles in various heights and you will get a pretty romantic atmosphere around. Other decorations, such as the greenery and others are optional. And you can see these candles’ arrangements as a wish to light up your future days together.

2. Vintage Frames

Source: afterimagearts.com

Grab some vintage picture frames in different sizes. Let them be empty and place them to a floral covered mantel. This arrangement gives you a symbol of having a brand new life together. As this is a vintage theme idea, you should find the vintage flower arrangements. Find your local flowers instead of expensive imported ones.

3. Greenery Hoops

Source: Pinterest.com

The wedding fireplace decorations cannot be separated from flowers and leaves. This time, try using an unusual arrangement, which is using thin gold hoops. Add white flowers and greenery to be hung on the hoops and you will get an instant charm. To reconnect the overall effect, add an oversized flower arrangement to the fireplace mantel.

4. Family Photos

Source: Pinterest.com

Display your big family meaning photos along a mantel. You can get this arrangement as a conversation starter either. Some of your guests may be stopping by and looking at the display throughout your wedding reception. Add some simple greenery to complement the look. Remember that the photo frames should be chosen according to the style of your decor or home, whether it is vintage, modern minimalist, fairy decor, etc. Make sure everything in a harmony.

5. Greenery Arch

Source: Pinterest.com

If you find a fireplace already decorated, just create a simple highlighter, such as using a greenery arch. This aims to highlight the existing decor details. If you are holding a wedding reception in winter, so this idea is a must.

6. Mirrored Sign

Source: weddingtaxi.ru

This idea requires a wedding calligrapher to write a love quote put on a framed mirror. Though you don’t put any floral around, it keeps magical and fantastic.



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