6 Easy and Unique DIY Stepping Stone Ideas 2020

Welcoming summer can be done by various DIY outdoor projects, such as creating the stepping stones. Don’t you realize that the stepping stone is kind of important to enhance the charm around your garden? They are not only beautiful but also functional to keep your feet from the grass.

The following stepping stone ideas are DIY projects so you can do one during your spare time:

1. Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stone

Source: sawhd.com

It will be easier to purchase the pebble mosaic stepping stones than to create one. While you have had some pieces, start arranging on your garden. On the other hand, if you tend to create one, you may need to start by creating the base, whether in an oval or square base. Followed by arranging the pebble one by one.

2. Mosaic Stepping Stone

Source: rinawatt.com

Other beautiful stepping stone ideas that will enhance the beauty of your garden. The way to create one is similar to the previous one. In this project, you should synchronize the color combination to create a unity. The shape of mosaic stones vary according to your own taste.

3. Rocks Of Feet Stepping Stone

Source: Pinterest.com

This idea is rather difficult to make as you need to create ones in the shape of a feet. Put a base, and create one feet-shaped stone and more. In one stepping stone base, you can create about ten small feet-shapes stones. Before creating this idea, you have to collect some small and larger stones. Whether the base can be concrete or wood.

4. Funny Stepping Stone

Source: reparasiandroid.com

As this one is a free-style one, there is no rule towards the ideal shape or detail. You can add almost anything, in any color and shape. Create the base (ultimately made of concrete) and add some items or small pebbles on it. Ask your kids to do this project together. Use imagination to get whatever you want to get. Add quote or name on it, or any other colorful stones. Just do it with fun and they turn to be a unique stepping stone you will ever see.

5. Leaf Imprint Stepping Stone

Source: Pinterest.com

Leaves have unique shapes. Each leaf has its own characteristic, so why don’t you make it as your stepping stone ideas? Do the imprint to the concrete base. One base for one leaf, or one type of leaf.

6. Autumn Leaves Stepping Stones

Source: Pinterest.com

If you love something well-organized, this idea is the most suitable for you. Aside from all random arrangements above, this one gives you a beautiful and well-organized stepping stones in similar look, color and size.



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