6 IKEA HACKS: Small Bathroom Storage Ideas with Less Expensive Products

Talking about the small bathroom storage ideas, there are various ways and products, starting from using the DIY projects to IKEA products. In this article, we do an IKEA hack, which means using all IKEA storage products. Perhaps we literally have known IKEA products, but if we don’t know how to get the right arrangement, we won’t get what they are offered.

So, here are some super low-price hacks using IKEA products:

1. IKEA Rase Nightstand

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The first hack of IKEA product is to upgrade IKEA Rase nightstand. Repurpose its handles as mod table legs and top it with a mirror. This upgraded product gives you plenty of space in the linen closet you can place in your bathroom, kid’s room, or others.

2. IKEA Rolling Drawers

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Don’t let your bottles and jars or bathroom essentials get lost in the back of the bathroom cabinet. Get them tidier using rolling drawers from IKEA. This IKEA hack will have you easier to take all the essentials in a minute, so it saves more time while taking a bath. Besides in the bathroom, you can place this IKEA hack in the kitchen, dining room, and so on.

3. IKEA Bookshelf

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Upgrade and repurpose your IKEA product with wheels and versatility. In this IKEA hack, turn an IKEA bookshelf into something you can drag closer and further as you wish. Just imagine how you will end up relaxing in a bathtub and finding meals or other essentials within reach.

4. White IKEA Floating Storage

Source: hoommy.com

One of the most effective small bathroom storage ideas is to free up the floor space. In this IKEA hack, get a floating IKEA piece to create less clunky bathroom. As other items, this one also rules other rooms, like living room, bathroom, etc.

5. IKEA Picture Ledges

Source: homelifeorganization.blogspot.com

Create less clutter in your bathroom using this IKEA picture ledge to create floating shelves. How many floating shelves do you need? Just count and mount them on.

6. IKEA Vanity

Source: en.ikea-club.org

By installing this IKEA vanity, you would get two different deep drawers and a unique look.

IKEA hacks for small bathroom storage ideas make you realize that we don’t need to spend much money to get a maximum impact. With creativity, we can build something more useful with less money. Everyone acknowledges IKEA as a home improvement store. We can find almost everything relating to home improvement in there with various size, shape and price. So, find yourself a good product to repurpose.



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