6 Modern Christmas Table Decoration Ideas You Can Apply in 2020

Christmas is a big day for almost everyone. And this is a holiday season when everyone loves gathering together. Parties are held in everyone’s home. And don’t you know that the key to any festive holiday is a table decoration. The ultimate keys to get the most suitable Christmas table decoration ideas are some right accents and statement pieces.

This time, count how many months you have to prepare a festive to remember? For upcoming holiday season, check the following Christmas table decoration ideas to inspire you:

1. Festive Napkins

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Why do you just fold the formal and common napkins if you have something different to do? Create a little origami napkin work to build an instant dose of holiday festive. This kind of table decoration will leave your guests in awe and remember every detail of it, or maybe be inspired and creating ones by their own.

2. A Pretty Blue And Silver Palette

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Christmas table decoration ideas are not only about the traditional red, gold and green. You are able to use other color palettes to create a more serene holiday. And for your information, blue and silver palette has connection to the winter, the season of Christmas. The silver sky and blue vibe is around. So, it won’t get wrong bringing this color palette to your table decoration, like blue flowers, white table linen, and so on.

3. Moss Runner

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The color of moss brings the cheerful vibe into your room. Along with above blue and silver color palettes, you can combine them with a color of moss. A little touch of nature enhances your celebration.

4. Christmas Crackers

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Fun crackers can be said as a quessential of the Christmas table decoration ideas. It might be a culture to open the meal with fun crackers. They include a crown, joke and a small toy or trinket. So, prepare some hours of entertainment.

5. Pretty Pewter

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You can create a pretty backdrop by using pewter table linen. By using this backdrop, you make gold and crystal accents are stronger. Imagine having them at evening festivity? You will be proud of it.

6. A Festive Place Card Holder

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In this year of 2020, you need to swap out the traditional table setting, where the napkin is usually and commonly set across the center. Forget this arrangement. Put a take-home gift in the center, such as a unique card holder, a small candle, etc. There are various designs you can find in the internet. Find the best ones reflect your taste.



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