6 Tricks to Maximize Very Small Bathroom Storage Ideas in a Beautiful Way

Having a very small bathroom forces you to be more creative than ever. There are lots of essentials to store and display in this area. Very small bathroom storage ideas will help you utilizing every inch of your bathroom to store makeup routine, toiletries, towels, shampoo and conditioners, and others. Furthermore, these ideas do not need a long time or a large budget for a full remodel. So, here we go.

1. Mount A Towel Rack

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In this tip, you are suggested to use vertical space, such as a wall-mounted rack or storage with individual open cubbies. Utilize this storage system to store extra hand towels, small bathroom essentials and washcloths. The larger towels can be rolled deeper so they fit inside the small cubbies.

2. Additional Storage To The Medicine Cabinet

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Very small bathroom storage ideas can be done by boosting the storage capacity, such as by adding the behind-the-door hack. You can add this additional storage by attaching a magnetic memo board inside the door so the surface will turn into a storage hub that you can use for beauty products or other small grooming tools. Furthermore, slim magnetic containers and hooks are used for holding items. To do this hack, make sure you arrange the items well so the door can shut completely.

3. Hang Some Basket Shelves

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Basket are multifunction piece you can use anywhere, including in the bathroom. Mount a set of baskets on one side of your bathroom wall. You can store small towels, lotions and makeup products in there. To install this inexpensive storage system, stick nails through the baskets weave and then hammer them into your bathroom wall.

4. Separate Bathroom Storage Items

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Create easy-to-access bathroom storage, such as by adding some small storage bins to store cosmetics, beauty products, and others. Put them on your vanity countertop so you can save the drawer space for rarely-used items.

5. A Cleaning Supply Cabinet

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Take a look at under-sink cabinets and find whether they are roomy enough. You can store bathroom cleaning supplies in there. To maximize the function, add a tiered organizer to create a vertical space so there are more space to store supplies and all of them are easily grab.

6. Adhesive Hooks For Tools

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Take a look at your behind-the-door space inside your bathroom vanity cabinets. Attach adhesive hooks inside the door and you can keep hair tools well-organized. Additional wire rack below is also helpful to store your hair products.



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