6 Unique Toilet Paper Holder Ideas You Can Purchase or Make it By Yourself

After you have done decorating other parts of you home, now it is the time to decorate your bathroom. Lots of money are not needed in this project. A simple decoration will affect your entire bathroom vibe, such as creating a unique toilet paper holder. The following unique toilet paper holder ideas may inspire you to do something beautiful and less expensive to your bathroom.

1. Toilet Paper Tree Holder

Source: Pinterest.com

Everyone will set their eyes on this one. You can do a DIY project or purchase it. If you prefer doing a DIY project, you need to build a tree shape, using palette and painting them like real branches or anything that will cheer your bathroom up. Use the faux branches to hang toilet papers.

2. Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder

Source: Pinterest.com

Some of us may love anything about retro and quirky. So, why don’t you put one inside your bathroom, such as this Polaroid camera toilet paper holder? This item can be got online.

3. Palace Royal Knight Toilet Paper Holder

Source: irmaharrison.com

If you love period dramas, you might admire this one and pretend being surrounded by knights who protecting you from all that is evil.

4. Concrete Cloud Toilet Paper Holder

Source: doityourzelf.com

This item can be built by yourself using concrete that is designed like a cloud floating up above your toilet. Use bottle or anything oval as a brick mold.

5. Cute Bear Toilet Paper Holder

Source: themerrythought.com

It is like having a cute teddy bear holding your toilet paper. It is really cute as everyone will love it. The cute bear is like handling you the toilet paper while one of his hand is covering his nose. How can deny its cuteness?

6. Decorative Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder

Source: deavita.fr

This is not only a cute holder but also able to carry varying amounts and sizes of your toilet rolls. Beside in the bathroom, you can put this one in the dining table.

There are various unique toilet paper holder ideas that can be found online. You can buy the one fits your taste and budget as well as make it by yourself. This is an idea of having a new focal point for your bathroom. Though the size is rather small, but the shape attracts people’s eyes than ever. Please keep in mind that this cutie is such flexible to be placed in whatever style of bathroom you have. It stands alone but able to beautify its surrounding.



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