7 Different Ways of Organization Ideas: Stack or Line Them Up

Having plenty of shoes leave you in a mess. And you must know how the organization ideas for there are various different ways to organize them: some stack them or line them up. The following are some organization ideas that will make your shoe situation neater and saver more space at home.

1. 3-tier Shoe Rack

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This kind is kind of shoe storage and bench combination. By having this piece of furniture on your entryway, you will have your casual shoes or the ones you wear more often for quick errands. We know that this fits only for 3 pairs of shoes or 4 pairs. You can put sandals, flats, flip-flops, and low-profile sneakers.

2. 5-tier Shoe Rack

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For more convenience and safe shoe rack that will protect your all shoes, try add the one made of waterproof and non-woven fabric. You can store up to 25 pairs of shoes. In this kind of shoe rack, you find the removable metal tubes to adjust the height of each layer.

3. 10 Shelf Soft Fabric Closet Organizer

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This way is to make a vertical storage system in a cheaper way. You will get the deep and narrow shape to optimize for all types of shoes. You can get this being installed on the entryway along with some hooks to store your hats and jackets.

4. 3-tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack

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This is one of the very easy to assemble organization ideas. The plus point to get this shoe rack is you can stack multiple units while your shoe collections are growing. So, we call it as a flexible shoe storage system.

5. Drop-front Shoe Box

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If you love clear boxes to easily find the wanted pairs of shoes to wear, try this one. You are visible and protect your shoes from dust. Furthermore, don’t you worry about the stinky shoes as they have ventilation holes?

6. The Shoe Tree With Spinning Handle

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There are some designs of organization ideas that provide spinning to get the pairs of shoes you want to wear. Commonly this kind of shoe rack is made of heavy-duty chromed-steel in various colors, like white, chrome and bronze. They are available in three or four tiers. You can choose whatever tier you need to store the number of your shoes.

7. Shoe Slots Organizer Rack

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By having this kind of organization ideas, you will have double storage space by stacking them on the top of each other. Furthermore, you can stack accessories as well, such as a scarf and belt hanger. So, you are able to maximize your space.



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