7 Low-Maintenance Yard Landscaping Ideas without Real Grass

Natural grass is marvelous, but regarding to budgeting and maintenance, sure it is budget and time consuming. The following yard landscaping ideas are about inspiring ideas for a no-grass backyard. Modern people with high mobility love having a beautiful lawn but they have to face that a pretty manicured yard is time consuming. Remember what you have to do for regular maintenance, like cutting, watering, fertilizing and weeding the grass.

So, here we can do to replace real mow:

1. A Potted Garden

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Container gardening is easier to maintain than the real grass. You can start doing this project by adding some colorful container garden into your backyard. You will find the options for plantings are endless and the maintenance is so much easier. In this project, just make sure that you arrange the right positioning so they can boost cheer and color throughout the yard.

2. Replace Your Grass With Gravel

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We can say that this one of the yard landscaping ideas giving modern and architectural touch. Do not worry, you won’t miss the greenery as long as you implement this idea properly.

3. The Raised Planters

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By this project, you will get various benefits, such as reducing the need to weed and till. The raised planters require less water and make harvesting is real easy. Thus, there are various plants you can try, such as vegetables, ornamental grasses, perennials, annuals, etc.

4. Organic Mulches

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Get a rustic ground cover in an instant. The look is as beautiful as the countries. You can start doing this project by laying the landscaping cloth on the bare soil, and then laying the mulch down. The landscaping cloth is used to prevent weeds from growing to the surface.

5. Fake Grass

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Some of us may still love a green lawn and never think of replacing it. But on the other hand, you cannot handle the maintenance. Don’t worry, artificial turf is your perfect solution of this issue. You can find the new fake grass is stain-resistant and has excellent drainage. Moreover, you will get it stay green without any maintenance.

6. A Concrete Patio

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Other favorite yard landscaping ideas are turning the green lawn into a patio. Patio pavers, stamped concrete or natural stone can be your choice. To add the touch of green, the lush ornamental grasses and colorful flowers are possible to touch.

7. A Low-growing Perennial

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Some of us may not take a complicated solution. So, a low-growing perennial is an answer.



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