7 Nautical Décor Inspirations for Dining Room: Starting from A Small Apartment to a Luxurious One

Nautical decor is more than a style, but it represents lively life. There are lots of things to love about this Nautical decor, such as the color palette used (blue, white and other earth toned hues). These color combinations work to any accessories and furniture you have at home, including in your dining room. This time, we will give you some pictures about how a nautical dining will look like.

You can take them as an inspiration for your own home. Keep the screen rolling.

1. A’ La Mer

Source: Pinterest.com

This is such a luxurious nautical dining room. Aside from the sea-themed accessories on the table (like the candles and the shells), you can place the boat on the background. The size is optional. And you will find your dining room totally stunning.

2. Blue Seas

Source: Pinterest.com

If you are living in an old home, it is still possible to add a nautical decor inside it. Simply paint your wall in white and add some small nautical accessories, such as lifebuoy, anchor, star fish, and so on.

3. Broadbeach Apartment

Source: Pinterest.com

Living in apartment leaves you breathless for decorating your room? Do not worry, you are still able to add Nautical decor into your room, including dining room. Choose the combination of white, blue and brown color. For example, the white wall, blue and white wooden chairs and table, and blue wall decor. These earthy colors simply are calming yet fashionable.

4. Claridge

Source: carigiannoulias.com

You can choose similar color between the wall and dining chair. The striped white and blue could be your inspiration.

5. Connecticut House

Source: enfiles.xyz

If you love something about plane, why don’t you place one in your dining room? Nautical decor dining room also includes the plane as the island might need a boat or plane to deliver the passengers/ visitors. This is your chance to create an unexpected turn while decorating a dining room.

6. Corona Del Mar

Source: Pinterest.com

If you don’t have any issue about budget, go for this idea. Each furniture and wall decor are given attention to detail. You may need spending more dollars but the super craftsmanship will never betray the result. You will be proud of having one dining room this way.

7. Eastern Shore Residence

Source: Pinterest.com

This is a perfect combination of an industrial and Nautical decor. In here, you will see the exposed brick in one side of the wall, along with clear white painted wall on the other sides. Striped blue and white wooden chair and wooden dining table strengths the composition of both decor.



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