3 Super Easy and Inexpensive DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas Under $5

A paper holder is one functional accessory most of us forget to give a glance. But once you go to the nearest home improvement store or web page, you will find them above $25-30 each. Can you believe those number just for something to put paper toilet on? Some of us may say no. Are you? That is the reason why are giving some DIY toilet paper holder ideas to save your dollars more than you ever think:

1. Rustic Rope Holder

Source: futurehomeonline.com

As this is the easiest paper holder project, you will only need 5 minutes on the process and cost you less than $5. The look is so cute and authentic. No kidding. You can put this one almost anywhere, like in a kid’s bath, a coastal cottage, vacation home, rustic cabin retreat, and so on.

To start this project, you need some following supplies:

  • Rope.
  • Wall hooks.
  • Drywall anchors.
  • Drill.
  • Scissors.

Read on the following instructions:

  • Tie the loops in the end of the loops. Make sure to tie the knot well and tight.
  • Pre-drill a hole into the drywall for the anchor. After securing the wall anchor, you can simply screw the hooks into the wall.
  • Hang your rope.
  • Repeat above steps for another hook. Make sure you do the measurement or just eyeball the spot before using the drill to pre-drill the spot you want.
  • Done!

2. Bungee Toilet Paper Holder

Source: id.mehomez.com

Another inexpensive DIY toilet paper holder to create. Either getting rustic vibe, this one pulls you to the sporty and adventurous vibe in your bathroom. This is one is relatable for a boy’s bathroom, a bachelor pad, or a college apartment.

The supply list you need are:

  • Bungee cord.
  • Screw-eye hooks.
  • Drywall anchors.
  • Drill.

The instruction of this project is identical to above project (the rope style) but replace a rope with a bungee cord. Good luck.

3. Twig Or Branch Holder

Source: Pinterest.com

Can you imagine before having a truly free toilet paper you make yourself? Time to reveal your ability. This project gives you such a rustic charm with a real-wood toilet paper on the wall.

Mark the supplies you need:

  • Stick or twig.
  • Drill.
  • Drywall anchors.
  • Drywall screws.

Source: themerrythought.com

Follow the instructions below and let’s rock your bathroom with a beautiful yet free DIY toilet paper holder!

  • Pre-drill the stick/ twig.
  • To put it on the wall, use anchor and followed by drywall screws.

Optional tips: if you want to make your stick looks fancier, clean it up and spray it with acrylic coating. Besides having it fancier, you will get it last longer.



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