4 Tips Choosing Rustic Chic Décor with Comfortable Textures

Rustic chic decor can cozy up you home. And to make it more comfortable, you can create some following tips:

1. Soft Colors

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With the favor of neutral, you can easily incorporate the bright colors whenever you want. But by applying this Rustic chic decor, the golden rule to be warned is “less is more”. It rules even in smaller pieces. Get this style by getting some throw pillows and wall art with bold patterns and in lighter shades. Furthermore, a shabby chic always plays with layers, like lace over heavy curtains, shaggy throws with wooden chairs and gold accents on the dark dressers. Do not forget to add a washed-out pastel on the fabric.

2. Tassels, Curves And Scallops

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You can easily refresh any dull space by adding the navy and ivory pillows, tablecloth, rugs, tassels and ruffles. Yet, antique wood won’t make you lose hopes. Some popular details are like engraved banisters, French-style pie trimming recall carved pilasters, and so on. If you prefer to get shabbier than chic look, you can go for distressed woods and weathered metals. These two characters can be added to every clock, doorknob and bedpost.

3. Distressed Woods

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The easiest way to maintain the shabby chic distressed wood furniture is by balancing the texture and material. To find effortless charm to the entire Rustic chic decor, you can place a whimsical letter in the corner of your bookcase or an antique flower pot neat your kitchen sink. They are low maintenance but keep you updated with the shabby chic look.

4. Shiny Details

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The sophistication of Rustic chic decor can be easily grabbed from a couple of stainless steel bowls and silver ceramic kittens. On the other hand, you should avoid neon, iridescence and glitz in metal decor. If you want to add a sleek statement piece, a glossy coffee or end table will do better along with an antique table runner. This combinations drags people’s attention as you get both the touch of glamour and rustic feel.

Getting the best Rustic chic decor does not mean getting the most expensive piece of items. There are plenty of furniture or decorations available on flea market with reasonable price. Before going or purchasing any, make sure you understand the characteristics of shabby chic accents, like linens, sheer drapes and fringed throws. And if you want to get this style for fashion, go for frills, lace, florals and layers. The romantic and feminine side of this style is radiating.



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