5 Best Front Door Colors to Raise Popularity and Final Sales Price in 2020

Best front door colors influence the price estimation of a home, especially if you are planning to sell one. Most home buyers have consideration of a freshly painted front door and it affects the final sales price. The color choice differs according to the popularity, so each year has different Best front door colors. You have to make one that matches to your paint scheme and home style. Before deciding any, keep in mind that you have to make the buyers say wow!

1. Natural Wood

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Wood is believed as a neutral color and texture bringing natural beauty to the front door. And its neutral brown color provides comfort and warmth. You can pair it easily with any home color and decor, not only rustic, farmhouse or modern minimalist home decor. So, just don’t paint the original wooden door, at least for this year.

2. Dark Blue

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The dark blue front door pairs perfectly on a red-brick home, stucco, wood shingles and other light-colored siding. The darker shade of blue builds the elegance and style growing the curiosity of the buyers to hold and see what is behind it. We can call this color shade as a homey one.

3. Red

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Best front door colors bringing the spirit of patriotic, cheerful and welcoming are on the shade of red. Automatically, this color puts a smile on anyone’s face. Besides, it works well with any other color, but a mauve or orangey colored home.

4. Charcoal Grey

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Before stepping into pure black, you should first choose this charcoal grey, which is the darkest shade of grey. This color provides a neutral yet clean-looking for a longer time. This color shade works perfectly for modern home design as the monochrome finishes inside and outside completes the color. Furthermore, this one works best with various earth tones.

5. Jet Black

Source: todiandboysjoinery.co.uk

If your home has a white or gray trim and siding, never avoid this one. It truly sets off your home at the first glance.

After choosing the right and proper Best front door colors for your home, take a look at the following tips:

  • Pay more attention to your hardware color. Make sure that door locks and handle matching each other; thus need to be contrast to stand out from the door.
  • Keep accessibility. This is what a door is for, right? Most buyers are looking for universal design, like the Lever-style door handles.
  • The upgraded lighting. The proper lighting increases the secure feeling to the home owners (or the buyers).

No clutter. A clutter distracts the beauty of your front door.



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