5 Easy No-Paint Wall Decorations for Bedroom

Sometimes, having your bedroom wall painted is not enough. We just need some drama to add, to show our creativity and taste. In this article, we want to share some wall decorations for bedroom with no-paint required.

1. Graffiti

Source: Pinterest.com

If you have a teenager, this idea is the one to die for. An edgy urban style is got perfectly by this graffiti. All you need is the spray paint. Before starting this project, you should practice your technique on cardboard (moreover if you are a beginner) before aiming them towards your bedroom walls. You can write anything, like a phrase, your name, a song lyric, abstract design, etc.

2. Walls Of Wood

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If you love rustic design and have access to get old pallets or distressed wood (from a fence, barn or other structure), go get your creativity. Instead of throwing them away to the garbage, reuse them to be a marvelous full-wall headboard. This rustic style keeps the paneling going right across your bedroom’s ceiling. If you have a contemporary design, you can build this one to complement the existing design, which is by stopping this full-wall headboard a few feet above the height of your mattress.

3. Pain Without Painting

Source: domsmam.com

Go to local home improvement center and find a collection of paint strips or chips. Use these items to paint your wall without painting them literally. The home improvement center commonly toss these paint strips or chips at the time the manufacturers change the offerings. Take them home and use small dots of poster putty to adhere them to your bedroom walls. Anything can be done using this kind of repurposed items, like an ombre effect, a rainbow, etc.

4. Tin Tiles

Source: wearefound.com

Commonly we find these tin tiles in te bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes. Try to be unique by bringing them into your bedroom. You can see how these pieces create a wow-factor to the bedroom and surrounding. It is always your taste whether to make it with one pattern or mix and match the designs. Before you go, remember that tin is sharp so be careful. Stay away from your kid while doing this project.

5. Post-it Art

Source: pufikhomes.com

This is another way to do the wall decorations for bedroom without damaging the wall. First of all, draw a design, such as the color of a sunset (a simple example). And work out the details on paper before applying on the wall.

Good luck.



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