5 The Most Suitable Living Room Color Schemes to Pair with the Brown Furniture

Color scheme is primarily important. For it leads to other elements at home. But it happens most all the time that living room color schemes are decided later after purchasing the furniture. This may affect misconception as these two elements bring such important role to build a character to a room.

If you already have brown furniture, the following knowledge of the suitable living room color schemes may help you deciding the one:

1. White

Source: flammingideas.com

This color scheme is able to brighten up your space easier. The interior and furniture will look brighter and get the airy atmosphere. Without a touch of white, the brown furniture probably looks too dark. It is not only by painting the entire wall with white, but some pillow cushions will do similar effects.

2. Soft Green

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This color offers such cozy and refreshing vibe inside your living room. This type of soft green helps reducing the visual weight so your room looks more refreshing. The trick os using this color scheme is by adding a small portion of soft green, like the ones on the cushion covers, candle jars, and so on. Besides the soft green, olive green also works well with brown furniture. Put this olive green in the decorative pillows, flower decorations and books.

3. Darker Red

Source: lostinthegreenhouse.com

If you are looking for the living room color schemes that give you elegance and inviting visual effect, this one is definitely for you. Darker red works well with darker brown to build an inviting look. Both colors are warm colors that naturally build a warm look and friendly atmosphere in your living room. The combinations can be wooden brown sofa are paired with red wine pillows or vases.

4. Orange

Source: archidea.com.ua

This color combination is definitely building an inviting and refreshing look without trying too hard. The contemporary living room is the fittest design for this color scheme. Orange is one of warm living room color schemes that is dominating the space whenever it is applied. Thus, to keep the balance, bring this color as a highlighter along with brown furniture. Some small portions are something like decorative pillows, graphic decorations on the wall, small tables and decorative pillows. Avoid bringing too much orange so your living room won’t be too bright and boring.

5. Blue

Source: houss.acthere.com

I don’t really get how this color can change such strong and bold color into calming one. Apply this one as a highlighter to bring such breezy, cool and refreshing atmosphere.



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