6 Easiest Way to Apply the Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas and Furniture into Your Home

Shabby chic style was originally coming from Britain to replicate an aesthetic evident in grand country houses. Talking about the shabby chic furniture, they are generally vintage for they were passed down from one generation to the next. Shabby chic bedroom ideas and furniture below will show you the easiest way to apply them at your own home. Remember the key to run this Shabby chic style, which is the middle class sought distressed or patina furniture and then incorporated them to more modern interiors.

Let’s get started:

1. A Light And Neutral Color On The Walls

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Every furniture and accessory in this style is full of character and personality. So you better starting this with a neutral base. Create a light backdrop, like white, off-white, stormy gray, and tone of beige so everything looks sleek. After getting the backdrop (read: the walls) a neutral base, you can continue working on the shabby furniture and other things. Thus, for flooring, you should choose something neutral and free from any decorative element. This is kind of easiest way to start, don’t you think?

2. Shabby Chic Or Vintage Furniture

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Shabby chic bedroom ideas refer to distressed vintage or antique furniture. The vintage or antique furniture really last for a good deal longer. If must be said, you can even give them to your next generation and the charm won’t fade away. This is the beauty of having a vintage furniture. Choose each piece of furniture with personality. As old pieces of furniture mostly have intricate and nouveau decorative features.

3. Mixed Collectibles And Accessories

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The furniture and accessories in this style have a good balance between ornate and cluttered. To be honest, you should avoid the cluttered look by designing or arranging some pieces you choose to exhibit. Start taking an inventory about some pieces to display. It will guide you to the right decoration and arrangement.

4. Splurge On A Chandelier

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This gorgeous chandelier is the ultimate key of Shabby chic bedroom ideas. By this, you can add a glamorous light even in a casual interior.

5. White Linen

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This one creates a beautiful contrast to your entire bedroom. To add the luxurious aspects of shabby chic style, play with small amount of vintage velvet.

6. Old World Textures

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Find the real Shabby chic vibe by getting the leather, lace and chunky rugs in your bedroom. The floral patterned wallpaper with texture can be applied on the walls.



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