7 Bedroom Wall Décor Tips: How to Decorate the Empty Space Over Your Bed?

Bedroom wall decor completes your space without doing major renovation. When you are finding the large and empty wall area over your bed irritating, perhaps it is because something is missing. This area might be thoughtful enough to be decorated for it usually is a narrow area.

To help you dealing with this issue, do the following tips:

1. Paint Or Wallpaper The Wall

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This one is the most common tip you can easily find anywhere. Just make sure you get them with a rich and vibrant color. Add another pattern will bring another advantageous though.

2. Hang A Patterned Rug

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An extra texture provides such a different atmosphere to the surrounding. If your entire space is rather pale and simple furnishing, you can hang a patterned rug instead of a soft-colored one.

3. Add A Wall Mural

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Some of us may think that a wallpaper or wall painting is rather usual. Thus, some may need a wall mural as a focal point to impress the eyes. Wall mural should be chosen according to the patterned rug, which is by choosing the right texture. Moreover, try to add the one fits to your personality and taste.

4. Create A Gallery Wall

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Bedroom wall decor over your bed can be started by this simple gallery wall. Besides hanging your pictures, the monstera paintings can be your choice. Make sure you have arranged the picture frames accordingly. As for your information, there are some arrangements you should know before hanging one.

5. Hang A Room Divider

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This one may not be your first thought of having the new Bedroom wall decor. By hanging a room divider, you are like hanging another wall decor in certain shape and style. You can find them in various materials, like wood, acrylic, and others. Choose one suits to your entire bedroom design and furniture. It is recommended to choose the lighter one so it will be less harm.

6. Hang A Horizontal Painting Or Mirror

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As other ideas above, find the size fits your room better. Do not see its design as the only one reason to choose. The mirror frame should match to the room design as well as the furniture. Though this one may not be your focal point, but it can be the best complement. You won’t regret having this one.

7. Hang Wall Art Horizontally

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It is not one wall art but a series of them. One wall art will be easily forgotten while a series will last longer.



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