7 Creative Staircase Designs Ideas for Small Space

Having a small house means more challenges to face to plan the home decor, including to decide which of the staircase designs ideas that is better and applicable. Stairs mostly take a large part of your house, so getting them wrong-planned will ruin a lot of precious space. The following staircase designs ideas are providing some creative ways to plan them.

1. Well-balanced

Source: cocolapinedesign.com

This is one of the best staircase designs you can apply. It is built with two flights so you get enough space on the ground and the upper floor as well. For example, you build an indoor garden under the stairs. A simple indoor garden with gravel will give you such beautiful visual from above or while steeping up and down the stairs.

2. Angular And Full Of Tricks

Source: hariantipstrik.com

Stairs are not only about a straight line. You can go with something more imaginative, like this one. If you are dealing with a small house, the angular stairs can be the best choice.

3. Hidden With Glass

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For a small house, a real issue of having stairs is the steel or wooden railings. They are too bold for making a room getting smaller. Thus, you should replace them with a glass railing. Besides having them more suitable for a small space, they provide safety as well. If you have a toddler at home, you won’t be worry having him/ her jammed between the steel or wooden railings.

4. A Ladder

Source: Pinterest.com

If you don’t have a toddler at home, then go for this one. This beautiful wood ladder will transform your small space into something unique and well-balanced. Compromise the look by installing the glass railings so the space looks even bigger.

5. Narrow Stairs

Source: arahape.blogspot.com

Go as narrow as possible, especially once you are low on space. For example, the ladder will do wonderfully without taking lots of space.

6. Focus On The Corners

Source: topdreamer.com

The next is one of most people’s favorite staircase designs ideas. Go walking around your home and find if there is any unused corner. Once you find one, transform it into a staircase.

7. Close The Window

Source: decomg.com

Some of us may have a completely useless windows, which means the one without any view at all. No matter what you design it at the first time, but this useless windows can be your ideal space to build a staircase. Then a prettier view will be yours, like by installing some lighting fixtures under the stairs.



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