8 Beautiful Garden Mailbox Ideas to Make Your Property More Visible to the Mail Carriers

Mailbox is the most visible part of your property. Some of us may think that this one does not need any decor or accessory, but the real is a beautiful mailbox will leave your property being recognized easier by the visitors or post officers. Add some unique and beautiful mailbox ideas won’t hurt you, right? So, we better bring the charm outside either. Go get the fittest idea for your own.

1. A Low Maintenance Mailbox

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If you are a busy person, you may love this one. Grow perennials in the large flowerbed next to your mailbox. This plant would do no harm and little care either.

2. Tropical Appeal

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Add some canna lilies, elephant ears and other summer flowers. To get the summer appeal, bring those summer flowers in your garden. Make it as if your property is in the tropical area.

3. A Stylist Garden Mailbox

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Think of the mailbox ideas that protect your garden plants and flowers, which is by creating a container garden with mailbox planters. This idea provides such protection for your plants from the car fumes, ice melting chemicals and radiating heat from the asphalt. Grow the pelargoniums to give you beautiful blooms during Spring.

4. A Cottage Garden Mailbox

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If you confusing what to do with your formal brick mailbox, stop thinking so hard. This idea will bring different vibe to your front garden. Grow coreopsis, yellow flowers and red admiral butterflies around your formal brick malbox to change the oldschool look.

5. Sunny Garden Mailbox Ideas

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The next inspiration is by growing up the wildflowers to absorb the heat radiating your property and garden mailbox. Some wildflowers to choose are blue lobelia, lavender hyssop, wild lupine, and prairie blazing star.

6. A Garden Path

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While the plants around your garden mailbox are turning higher, it is the time to build a garden path. This is the easy way to permit easy access for the mail carriers to reach your mailbox without getting a sketch.

7. A Vertical Interest

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We can easily find the built-in vertical structure to train a vine over the garden mailbox. It is proved to be effective to create a beautiful yet simple garden mailbox ideas. You can train some vines to climb via twining tendrils and add something slender so they can cling to. Furthermore, wrap plastic netting around your mailbox.

8. Saturated With Color

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A real gardener may prefer this one. Growing so many flower colors always grows a different natural beauty under the sky blue hue. Get some delphiniums or Himalayan blue poppies around your mailbox. The last touch is by painting your mailbox in a bright color.



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