8 Most Popular Farmhouse Cabinets Styles for Your Dream Kitchen

Who doesn’t love the ever-popular farmhouse kitchen design, including their farmhouse cabinets? If you are often watch them on TV show and drooling how they look like, now is your turn. The following farmhouse cabinets designs are not for TV shows but for real life, so you can apply one in your own kitchen. The attractive cabinet is the ultimate key of having a charming farmhouse kitchen. Combine their attractiveness with functional to maximize your entire design.

To get your dream kitchen, here are some most popular farmhouse cabinets style you should know:

1. Shaker Doors

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This is the most popular touch among farmhouse lovers. Completed with the center panel recessed, they provide such a classic part that everyone won’t able to deny its charm. You get the lines of the doors are flat and straight so they will fit to any pain, stain or even hardware. If you have more budget, you can update your shaker doors with glass to get a calming yet inviting feel.

2. Popular Color Options

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A clean white is a real deal. This hue matches to any feature in the farmhouse kitchen. And, time after time, white farmhouse cabinets are always the first choice to go for. But if white is not on your shoes, you can see others in dark brown or gray stains. Both of them stay calm as a farmhouse style needs to be.

3. Maple Wood

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This is the most common choice for any farmhouse cabinet. Maple wood has limited grain that becomes an important factor, especially once you choose a color stain for your cabinet.

4. Concealed Hinges And Cabinet Hardware

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Add a small amount of modern touch won’t hurt. Get the simple and clean look (that commonly is in modern style) by concealing the hings and other hardware from view.

5. No Deliberate Antiquing

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The antiqued or aged look is something you are aware of while talking about some recent kitchen remodels. This style includes what so called faux aging. You can get this look by rubbing the stain thin in the corners to get such antiquing effects. But, it is not recommended for farmhouse cabinets. You better purchase the brand new ones.

6. Cabinets Extend To The Ceiling

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Typically, the farmhouse cabinets extend to the ceiling, so you get the clean and uniform look to the entire kitchen.

7. General Simplicity

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The simpler – the better. You, as a farmhouse addict, must be familiar with this statement. You don’t need ornate and decorative furniture. So, be it.



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