4 Backyard Ideas DIY: Create Simple and Cheap Playground for Kids

In this situation when all around the world face the pandemic, people start concerning to stay at home, especially for elderly and kids. To keep your kids away from the danger virus out there but maintain their full-energy, you can build a simple playground in your backyard.

The following backyard ideas DIY will give you some inspirations to keep your kids at home doing some positive activities:

1. The Climbing Wall

Source: Pinterest.com

This one is perfect if you are having an empty outside wall on your garage or your house. Here are the supplies you need:

  • 4 sheets of ¾” pressure treated plywood (for exterior use).
  • 10 2×4’s pressure treated exterior use wood in 8’ lengths.
  • Bronze star heavy duty exterior wood screws.
  • Bronze star trim head exterior wood screws.
  • Exterior grade Philips head screws.
  • Atomik screw on climbing holds.
  • Semi-gloss clear coat spray paint.
  • Paint in some favorite colors.
  • Rubber mulch.

Follow the step by step below:

  • Find studs on your empty wall and measure out ¾” from each edge. This is where you line up the 2/4’s, make the stud as a center.
  • Use the Bronze Star Heavy duty exterior wood screws #10 3 ½”. In this step, you do some measurements and installation. Every size is according to the size of your existing wall.
  • Put up the plywood (use the bronze star trim). Make sure you trim out the top so they come in a nice clean line.
  • Have fun with this step! You may need some days and nights to finish this painting thing but it truly has so much fun.
  • Spray with semi-gloss clear coat.
  • Attach your climbing holds. We don’t have any rule in this. So, just do it in random.

2. A Balanced Beam

Source: Pinterest.com

This is one of the backyard ideas DIY to improve your kids’ balance and gross motor skills.

3. A Backyard Ball Run

Source: Pinterest.com

You can build this one on your fence in the backyard. Build some variations so your kids won’t get bored.

4. Giant Reclaimed Wooden Blocks

Source: Pinterest.com

This is super easy and free DIY project. If you have or find some dirty chunks of wood, why don’t you create something useful than throw them to the trash? Do some scrubbing so the mud is off and paint them in any colors you and your kids want? Your kids might like doing this super easy DIY project. Ask them to join each process.



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