4 Step by Step Creating Star Wars Bedroom and Decorations

Star Wars is an epic, even for generations. Besides having a long story, it has legendary heroes and villains. So, it won’t get wrong creating an epic space Star Wars bedroom for your kids. This theme must bring such excitement for your kids.

Follow the instructions below and start creating an epic one:

1. Plan The Color Scheme

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Decide the color scheme by looking at your (or your kid’s) favorite character, team or a favorite vehicle. You should help your kid finding one as he commonly is less selective. After finding one favorite thing, use it to guide you deciding your color scheme. There are two options: the dark side (villains) or the light side (heroes). Both has different characteristics. The light side can be white, light or bright blue, sandy light brown, yellow/ gold, and lime green. On the contrary, the dark side contains light or medium grey/ silver, royal purple, black, and bright red.

2. Painting

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This step is by following the first step. Think of the main color you desire for the wall. However, dark colors look great if you intend adding lighter accents, such as white posters, light beams or stars. Alternatively, paint three sides of the walls in light color, and one side wall in dark color. So, you can add beautiful accents.

3. Furniture

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Star Wars furniture is just optional, for it is okay to use traditional furniture. We must be rational. Star Wars furniture is truly expensive, like $1,000 for a single piece. So, ask yourself whether you need to invest to those super expensive ones? Believe it or not, a traditional furniture is like a blank canvas. You decorate the room after it has been furnished. So, you will get some Star Wars-themed pieces, such as the Star Wars pillows, figures and others. And even one traditional furniture gives you a break so everything won’t be overwhelming.

4.  Star Wars Bedroom Decor

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This is the fun part of decorating a room, is it not? Make sure the colors and art styles should match or complement each other. For example, if your colors are dark blue, white, brown and gray; then you should paint your walls in gray, add brown furniture, dark blue bedding and add some blue, white and black Star Wars decor. Find your colors and decide each element of it.


Source: Pinterest.com

After finishing all the steps above, time to look at the Star Wars bedroom you have created and show your kid to it. You might see his excitement having a cool space called as his own.



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