4 The Ultimate Rules to Apply Country Décor in Modern Houses

Country decor is a representative of Country living, where comfort and relax is a way of life. Many people love applying Country decor for their home, though they are living in big cities. This is not about where you are living, but how to bring such warming style into your home. In this article, we will show you how this classic and traditional style affects your living room beautifully.

We cannot say there are some rules of having one style. As long as you follow the pattern, colors and furniture pieces; the options are endless. Yet, you need more creativity and imagination to make this style rolling on your living room.

1. Color Pallets

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The most popular ones are the soft tones. In a traditional Country decor, you might usually see whites, greens, blues, bones and yellows. For the color combination, you can get rustic reds as well. But sometimes, someone wants to add a personal touch by applying a modern color. It is fine.

2. Furniture Pieces

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Some of the most popular Country decor furniture are a chunky wooden coffee table with carved legs, and light oak furniture. To bring a casual and comfortable mood into your living room, add rustic pine wood pieces. And talking about fabrics, they should be in warm tones, like browns, beiges and splashes of stripes or floral.

3. Walls And Floors

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The traditional flooring is often oak or pine flooring with a large area rug to bring the room together. Moreover, if you want to get a cozier vibe, add planks walls or stone.

4. Accessories

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Add a cabinet piece so you can display some country and vintage wares and other decorative pieces. The focal point can be a decorative chandelier. Besides, you are also able to hang lantern scones to bring the vintage nuance.

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Creating a Country decor at home has its own challenges. In such urban neighborhood, you may find such challenging time as the existing building may be in the modern structure and design; so redecorating them in a country style really takes time and effort, not to mention the money to spend. For the first step, it is okay to keep everything in a minimum expense. For example, to balance the room without getting too rough, add some wooden baskets and wire. You may these accessories are functional enough to store things and flower. And how much you pay for them? Not much or even free if you are doing a DIY project.



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