5 Creative and Low Maintenance Outdoor Planter Ideas Every Beginner Can Do

You may not have a large for gardening or even patience to maintain them, but you can master container gardening. What do you think while seeing the term of outdoor planter ideas? What does planter actually mean? We, as non-professional gardener, may call them a container. Yes, planter is a container. So, you can definitely start doing this gardening project with no budget issue right? For you can use any type of container. All of the outdoor planter ideas are started by the containers (or the planters), some plants and potting soil. Three basic elements to start gardening project.

Speaking of container gardening is endless, you can find anything from hanging container gardening, outdoor container gardening, indoor container gardening, and so on. Are you ready to get your hands dirty?

1. Herb Appeal

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Growing herbs gives your both beauty and purpose in simplicity. You will get the refreshing fragrant of rosemary, lemon grass and basil that also serve you with soft accent in your tabletop setup. Furthermore, this scent will appeal to your garden party guests. You can start this project by growing some young lemon grass plant in the center of the pot, then add the flowering plumbago next to it. The outermost edges are the spots for basil and rosemary.

2. Orange Crush

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This one is kind of outdoor planter ideas that steal the show. So, you can make it as a focal point. By growing this plant, do not worry of the maintenance as it is an easy-care plant. But you have to make sure it stays well-watered as it is a thirsty container. Furthermore, place this one in full sun or partial shade. Enough sun light and water is the ultimate key.

3. Freestanding Plants

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Create some drama in a container. This project needs four plants, such as the vibrant ‘Celebration’ and ‘Florida Sweetheart’ caladiums, white wishbone flowers and creeping Jenny. Arrange those plants in each level and place the container in the shade. Make sure you water them regularly.

4. Traditional Outdoor Planter Ideas

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The traditional colors for planter garden are bright pink, yellow and green. To make it easy, choose an inexpensive plastic planters that are weatherproof and easy to move. After getting the texture you want in each container, group them in a tight space so you get such a homey, mini garden atmosphere.

5. Traditional Hanging Container

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Another choice to get traditional color at home. Choose some woven wicker baskets to hold those flowers and hang them on a bare wall.



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