5 Gallery-Like Stair Wall Decoration You Should Never Ignore

A building with stairs ideally must think of the stair wall decoration other than the functional aspect. Somehow, the stair wall is unbearably confusing. Most contractors can easily leave them to us without decoration. So, we need to look for another interior designer to work with. And it means you need more money to spend.

To answer this issue, check out the following stair wall decoration ideas you can apply to your home:

1. An Inviting Entry Bench

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Paint your stairs in a bright-white color, then place an inviting built-in bench. Complete the functional matter with two or three coat hooks and a live-edge shelf. And nothing beats how lighting is working. After every furniture and decoration are set up in place, it is the time to add the perfect lighting fixtures, which is a pair of industrial sconces installed above your shelf. You will find a glowing set in the entrance room. So romantic.

2. Tiles And Texture

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Choose faded aqua and French blue tiles to get a bohemian-coastal look. This color fits perfectly to your classic white stairs. We all know the white stairs should be balanced with a striking texture, and this arrangement is a great deal you should never avoid. Bring more texture with blue and white linen pillows on a driftwood bench placed next to the stair. Such a dreamy arrangement, is it not?

3. Modern Mix

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Get the suitable stair wall decoration be led by your home architecture. Yes, your home architecture is the most ideal home guide to style any home decor. If your entire home applies modern mix design, you can try giving some unembellished accents and modern art, an oversized black and white painting, and a sleek circle mirror. This arrangement welcomes your guests and yourself in a relieving mood. And, a large skylight will be the best stair wall decoration if you have one.

4. Curated Collection

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Show off your travel treasure above your staircase. Create a mix of modern and bohemian style in your stair area by arranging this idea. Add a black and beige global tapestry with your collection of family heirlooms above your staircase base. The ultra-white walls work as a blank canvas to show off the curated display.

5. Personality-packed Gallery

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Paint your staircase in deep emerald, the frames are in sleek black and balance its look by hanging pigmented abstract prints along your stairwell. And you will get yourself a gallery-like entry space.



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