5 Inspirations to Choose Living Room Color Schemes with a Black Leather Sofa

Some people prefer choose black leather sofa for their living room as it is a neutral color that can be matched to almost anything. Is it? Black leather sofa might be easier to be enhanced with different living room color schemes and decor styles. But sometimes it find a hard times to seek the balance of your space.

So, here are some styles to choose living room color schemes with a black leather sofa:

1. Scandinavian style

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Scandinavian style elaborates black color scheme beautifully. You can find such a modern yet comfortable touch. Some additional features that complete this look are metal accents, eye-catching patterns and handmade touches. To boost the comfort, add some bold color throw pillows and metal candle stands with matte finish. The last touch is by hanging a piece of art on the wall. See how your living room color schemes can be intriguingly fantastic.

2. Mix of old And New Things

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It is okay to come down to contrast, such as by collaborating the old and new things. We all know that a black leather sofa is dark, so try adding some light shades, such as a light coffee table, soft cream pillows, and so on. Then, add a pottery barn to get the real touch of old and new.

3. Mid-century Modern Style

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By applying this style, you will get a spectrum of brightness, sleek artwork and a plain white wall together. The look is extremely chick and serene. The final touch is by placing a contemporary floor lamp contrasting to your black leather sofa.

4. Industrial Accent

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Are you really into a masculine style? So, you must try this one. The strong and masculine accents definitely play an important part in this style; like rich plant life, rich colors, leather upholstery and chrome detailing. Add the comfort by placing a white masculine pillow in the center, and a grey table with metallic accents. The key is by adding the earthy tones, dull artworks and sculptural decor.

5. Fresh Nature-style

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Back to nature style is like coming back on trend this year. You will get your living room feeling so fresh and calming. Start drawing your living room color schemes with vibrant tones, such as in the vases, trims, furnishings, color lamps and upholstery textures. If you look around and see what is becoming on trend this year, everyone mostly decide to add natural pieces into their home, especially living room. They feel in need to get closer to the Mother Nature.



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