6 Instructions to Do DIY Pillows with No Sewing Machine: An Envelope Style Pillow

The massed-produced pillow covers mostly come in too intricate patterns and color choice. While the homemade or custom-made pillow covers cost higher. Some of you may relate this situation. After envisioning your ideas, they call for DIY pillows for sure.

In this article, we are sharing an idea to create a pillow cover with no sewing machine. So, everyone is able to do this project at their spare time.

The materials you need are:

1. Fabric (Choose at least two different patterns you like).

Source: Pinterest.com

2. Unique stitch adhesive.

Source: mottesblog.blogspot.com

3. Fabric scissors.

Source: nestingwithgrace.com

4. Ruler.

Source: akailochiclife.com

5. Pencil.

Source: livelovediy.com

6. Iron.

Source: kippiathome.com

Follow the instructions below to create one:

  • If you have pillow inserts in 20 x 20 inch, so you have to measure and cut out similar size. Furthermore, measure and cut out two pieces in the size 15 x 20 inch after ironing your fabric. Both are used to create an envelope style pillow cover.
  • Take your fabric with the 15 x 20 inch pieces, then fold back for about 1 inch on one of your 20 inch fabric sides of each piece. Iron them down. Continue applying the Unique Stitch under the fold and glue it down. The reason why choose this type of glue is due to its strength in holding any fabric. Though you do no sew project, they hold so well.
  • Line up a 15x 20 in piece with the top edge of your 20×20 inch piece (remember that the fabric has to face each other). Glue them together about a quarter inch away from the edge f the fabric. Glue another (15×20 inch piece) with the bottom of your 20×20 inch piece. Make sure that the folded edges of your 15×20 inch pieces are overlapped. Let them sit and dry about a couple of hours.
  • And you have done!

Isn’t it too easy? But some of you may face some challenges, such as in the measurement and glue the fabrics. Besides, there are various colors and patterns of fabrics you can choose, so it will be hard to choose one. Although the project of DIY pillows with no sewing machine can be done in just a couple of hours, you have to put your concern toward this project. You need to be focus so the result will look so neat and like a pro. To do the first project of DIY pillows, you can try with a simple pattern fabric, such as the ones with line pattern. It will help you easier doing the measurement.



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