6 Space Saving Ideas and Habits for Studio Apartments

Each home accumulates clutters, including in a small apartment. As we all know, by living in a small apartment, it is easy finding your existing storage got quickly filled up. With some space saving ideas and habits, you are able to maximize every space you have. Here, we will make you learning something about keeping everything minimalist and functional so your studio apartment looks more spacious and clean.

Before starting any, we must make our mind that it is not about how many shoes or clothes you own, but the tricks we should learn.

1. Some Hidden Storage

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Create additional storages where there is none. For example, under the bed (choose a bed with high legs so you can build some hidden storages under), above your kitchen cabinet (if they do not extend all the way to the ceiling, then put some entertaining pieces up there, such as the oversize platters, a cake stand, etc.)

2. Stay Well-organized

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Force yourself to always make an inventory while putting items away by using an organizational map. By doing this organizational map, you will find everything you own all around your apartment.

3. Separate Your Living Zones

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Maximize every space’s use, so be creative to it. You need a folding screen or a shelving unit to separate the living and sleeping area. Thus, you can host a dinner party in a dining zone without conquering the sleeping area.

4. Often Purge

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Anything unnecessary, and never been used or worn, must be removed from your apartment immediately. Space saving ideas teach us to live more practical. For example, if you don’t host dinner parties often, you don’t need a dozen wineglasses; etc. Realize it or not, it is easy to accumulate things. Purge unnecessary things at least twice a year and you will find so many belongings you need to remove.

5. Rotate Clothing

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Create a schedule to rotate your your clothing every mid-May and late October. Start this activity by pulling everything out of your closet and rearrange them all in a different order. Winter clothes are moved to the front, while the summer clothes are put to the back; do the same thing to the stacks of your shoeboxes; and the drawers. This regular rotation helps you getting dressed easier.

6. Use Multipurpose Furniture

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If you look for one furniture, think of the one having a secret storage area. Such an Ottoman with a secret storage area, nesting tables to be placed between your couch and wall, a daybed, etc.



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