6 Stylish and Functional DIY Garden House Ideas

DIY garden house is commonly something forgotten. We, as a garden owner, may prefer concerning to the plants and the old shed. On the contrary, why don’t we create something more stylish and eye-catching yet functional?

So, here are our suggestions to boost up your bottom garden with a style:

1. A Granny Flat

Source: Pinterest.com

This is originally coming from the term that an elder family member who needs to get his/ her privacy away from the younger family members. This is more like a simple cottage surrounded by beautiful garden. Though you don’t have any elderly living at home, build one so your overnight guests will get some space and privacy. The design should match to your main house.

2. A Fully-contained Party Annex

Source: decoor.net

You love holding a party or any celebration? Why don’t you build one party annex with the design you love? For example, a simple minimalist design with the black and white color theme will look fantastic at night, especially with some energetic and playful lighting. You can even hold your kid’s birthday party in here and add various decorative balloons and colorful decorations.

3. A Greenhouse

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The real definition of DIY garden house. If you are into all plants growing at your garden, give them some love by building a greenhouse. Grow various flowers and plants with care inside. You must be proud having them growing and blooming all around the space. Afterward, invite some close friends to have a little celebration or what so called a small party around the blooms.

4. A Cabana

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Instead of building a pool, you can choose a cabana to enjoy your garden in a serene way. Or, you may add two of them in your backyard. For even a small cabana brings a different atmosphere around.

5. A Seating Space And A Modern Fire Pit

Source: chronicinthekitchen.com

Love spending your time outdoor with your loved ones while the weather is good? Try building this one. Place a comfortable seating space around a modern fire pit. A barbeque party can even be held in here. This idea works for a smaller backyard either, just choose a smaller seating space and fire pit.

6. The Tree Tents

Source: Yandex.Collections

Having a large garden is such a fortunate thing to be grateful for. Place some tree tents and hammocks to do some fun outdoor activities with family and friends. Do you want to hold a camp night? Or your kids want to have one but you are afraid to have them in danger? Then do those activities in your own backyard. You have assurance that everything is safe and secure.



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