7 How to Elaborate a Boring Corner Using Clever Corner Shelf Ideas

A corner shelf is sometimes forgotten, though there are some tricks to make it maximizing the interiors for more efficient. This time, we want to ask you noticing your corner space. We have some corner shelf ideas that can turn your boring yet empty corner into a beautiful display or storage option.

1. Custom floating shelves In The Kitchen

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Go to the kitchen to see some inspirations. The tricky kitchen corner can be added with ergonomic shelves. Go measuring your kitchen corner and ordering one suits for it. It won’t cost too much as long as you keep it simple and in reasonable size.

2. A Stylish Bookcase In The Family Room

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A family room is a place to gather around, to chit and chat, and to do whatever you and your family love. Most of the homeowners put a home library in this part of home. Therefore, elaborate L-shaped bookshelf in the corner of your family room to turn it into a small and quiet reading room. After getting the corner shelf ready, add some plush seating, smart and proper lighting, and a few accessories. Then see how your family members react to it.

3. A Smart Corner Shelf In The Dining and Living Room

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Some of the most popular corner shelf ideas are the ones installed in this area. Choose the one that really fits to your home style and color. For example, if you have lots of China collection to show off, choose the corner shelf with an Oriental touch.

4. A Floating Shelf In The Corner

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A floating shelf illuminates the homeowner’s hobbies and collections. For example, if your family love travelling and collecting some accessories bought from each destination, why don’t you display them on this floating shelf in the living room.

5. Modern L-shaped Bookshelves

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Place this one in your bedroom to put a wonderful display unit. As for your information, a modern bedroom commonly has an untouched corner space (this is intentional to create the minimalist feel), but if you make it blending perfectly with the functionality, you won’t lose that minimalist thing while having beautiful corner shelf ideas. This idea works best for such small apartments. Try it!

6. Modern Corner Shelves

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Having a modern home office should integrate both work station and the accessory display. Use a few floating shelves by the window.

7. Outside Corner Shelves

Source: artmakehome.com

You can add this one in any living room or lounge area.



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