8 Aesthetic Planter Ideas for Shade You Have During the Quarantine Days

Not everyone has the privilege having a full sun. If you are including, time to look for an easy alternative to grow some planter ideas for shade. Growing the planter ideas for shade still have an aesthetic touch, just like the ones with full sun. So, here we go.

1. Create An Architectural Interest Using Your Plant Forms

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For example, you can grow and arrange the mounding plants in square containers next to a full moon maple. These two plants contrast each other that enhance the beauty of the surrounding. Some recommended plants are Black mondo grass, Fullmoon maple, Oxalis ‘Zinfandel’, and Foamflower.

2. Create A Simple Statement

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Having a beauty does not require being too bold. Either way, in a simple statement, you will find such authentic yet dramatic beauty. Create this vibe by growing and arranging two plants (having two leaf colors), they are Caladium ‘Gingerland’, and Solenostemon ‘Inky Fingers’.

3. Pay More Attention To The Planter Or Container

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The planter choice influences the plant will look like. To make your plants get more attention, use the sleek and shiny pots. Complete the bold plants, such as Caladium ‘Florida Elise’, Perilla ‘Gage’s Shadow’, Asparagus fern, New Guinea impatiens, and Oxalis ‘Zinfandel’.

4. Some Bold Planters

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This idea is the opposite to the previous. This time, create a dramatic contrast between the colorful foliage with a bold bucket. Some plants might be Coleus, sweet potato vine, and Elephant Ears. Even a classic planter can be your choice to put these plants on.

5. The Contrasting Planters

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The planter ideas are originally about creating such beauty from the combination of the plant and planter. If you are confuse where to start, just take some black planters and grow some bold and bright colors’ plants, such as Coleus, Sedge, Caladium, and Coleus.

6. A Powerful Foliage

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If you are dare enough growing some strange and bold foliage on your planters, try the following plants, such as Golden sedge, Geranium, Elephant ears, and Heavenly bamboo. Those plants offer some bold colors, like golden, purple and green. Put them on your front yard to steal your guests’ attention faster. Or, it can turn to be a focal point for your outdoor.

7. Colorful Foliage

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In this idea, we are playing with different foliage shapes, sizes and contrast, such as Coleus, Elephant ears, Hosta ‘Pot of God’, and Sedge.

8. Keep Everything Simple

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After all those bold planter ideas, this is the time to hold on a second. Take a look at a classic planter filled with Hosta ‘Aureomarginata’.



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