8 Quick Decorating Modern Farm Kitchen Ideas in 2020

Decorating a modern farm kitchen need balancing the look and functional aspect. Modern farm kitchen may seem rather exclusive and not everyone can afford this look. It is not true. Everyone has similar opportunity to have this country mood with modern sensibility.

There you need seeing some magic to get inspired:

1. An Extra Sink

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There is no mistake adding an extra sink in your kitchen. Besides doing its normal duty, you can get it as a place to arrange flowers. Moreover, add more storage system by creating extra storage under the sink that you can use for storing some tools and essentials. Cover this storage by hanging pleated curtains from rods. Some characteristic materials you may add, including terra cotta tiles, the skirt, pendant lamp and exposed brick. Make a mix and match of them with modern marbles and you will see magic in this arrangement.

2. And Industrial Table

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This one can be the perfect makeshift island for your farm kitchen. The design may inspire you is like adding the subway tiles, black scones and the stainless steel appliances. Can you even feel the modern twirl vibe?

3. Wrought-iron Hardware And Copper Pots And Pans

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Other pieces to show some supports of farmhouse atmosphere. To calm down the look, add wildflowers and linen skirt.

4. An Unexpected Color Palette

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If other things can be generally copied, this unexpected color palette gives you the personal statement in your kitchen. The mix and match of some color palette defines your personality better than other appliances nor hardware you collect. The key is to get one color for a cohesive whole and the complementary colors to be paired with.

5. Black And White Floor Tiles

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Modern farm kitchen still has a classic touch, such as by applying these black and white floor tiles in your kitchen. The complementary piece can be a wooden kitchen island with modern lighting fixtures.

6. Soft Pistachio Paint Color And Terra Cotta Floors Tiles

Source: Pinterest.com

If you like something style-wise, this one should be yours. Boost a bit more formality by adding an area rug. Everything in this kitchen style looks nice and tidy that even a small space fits for it.

7. A Long Hanging Pendant

Source: birdexpressions.com

Bring an accent into your kitchen to accentuate your high ceiling.

8. Shabby Chic Gold Vibe

Source: Pinterest.com

Can you ever imagine how modern farm kitchen collaborates with a shabby chic vibe in a space? This definitely brings in the romantic feel that you can see in a well-positioned pendant.



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