3 Cheap DIY Garden Project: Recycled Wood Pallet Ideas

Do you like gardening? And will do the least expensive things for them? Do not worry, there are various pallet ideas to support your garden experiments. A simple pallet is affordable and even free of charge, but by using this one you can get an instant transformation into a classic farmhouse vibe. Using a pallet as a planter helps you at ease while moving your plants around your yard, patio or hang them to be a vertical garden.

1. Colorful Wall Hanging Pallets

Source: moetoe.com

See around if you find a blank wall and intend to add some wall decor. Build some different size and shapes of planters and paint them in different colors. Followed by growing some plants you like, and hang them on the wall.

2. Planter Pallet Ideas In The Balcony

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Grow some small flowers that won’t grow tall and put them on the balcony. Voila! You have got such a unique and pretty outdoor decor. To create this project, some supplies you need are small wood pallets, landscape fabric, heavy duty staple gun, scissors, and plants, potting soil and wood stain or paint brush. Follow the following instructions: (1) It is optional whether you need the pallets to match each other or not. If you think they should, then stain your wood pallet. If on the contrary happens, leave them au naturel works; (2) Attach the landscape fabric to the back of wood pallet using a heavy duty stapler. You need to be generous with the staples in this step; (3) Stand the wood pallet upright and moistened potting soil is added to the first slat of wood pallet; (4) Add some trailing flowers and carefully put them on the bottom slat, then add another potting soil; (5) Continue step number 4 until you have reached the top of your wood pallet. While you have already reached the top of the pallet, plant something growing upright, such as hot pink geraniums; (6) Give your plants a drink!

3. Attached Flower Pots

Source: luxurybusla.co

This one is another super simple DIY project using wood pallets. Move your wood pallet upright or lean on the wall, and hang some flower pots. It is suggested to use small pots and grow the herbs and flowers. You can put them on the patio or balcony. Leave the wood pallet in a natural way and combine with natural material pots either.

So, which of the pallet ideas above meets your taste?



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